Professional Carport Installation

Our team of professionals install quality carports in the whole of Pretoria and Midrand areas

Carports Pretoria

Whether you need to protect a luxury sports car or keep a rugged 4×4 off-road protected, quality custom carports remain the best choice each time.

You’ll find that carport prices are a lot more affordable than having to build a garage and the materials we use in constructing these carports are brilliant quality.

If you are based in Pretoria, Centurion, Pretoria east or Midrand you know the storms we can face in this beautiful part of South Africa.

Hail is a reality and has been the cause of a lot hail damaged vehicles. With the strong winds that is typical of our summer rainfall season, vehicles have also been damaged by branches of trees being ripped off.

We also dare not forget our harsh African sun. A vehicle that is exposed to this direct sunlight will show significant paint damage after a while. It’s just not worth it.

We have strong carports

All this damage can be easily avoided by making use of a professional carport installation company.

Carports Pretoria continues delivering the best in custom carports, awnings, shadeports and more.

And don’t worry, we don’t break the bank. Our carport pricing is very reasonable and fair.

Whether you need to improve a commercial parking lot or the driveway of your home, we remain the best choice for your needs each time.

Whatever will help solve your shade dilemma, our staff is here to help you with any design and installation services.

Call us today for your best selection of durable carports, whether it is for your house or office. We will help you get the shade and protection you need the most.

Best Quality - 100% Guaranteed!

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Carports Pretoria
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Nakita Mountjoy
Nakita Mountjoy
07:18 30 Jan 20
Terrible because you cannot get hold of whoever is supposed to answer the phones. I have been trying for the past two... weeks more
Larry Kulakas
Larry Kulakas
19:49 29 Aug 19
Great carport installers in Pretoria
Robin Gagiano
Robin Gagiano
19:23 29 Aug 19
Fantastic company to work with. They installed a solid carport for me that will last for decades. Definitely the go to... carports Pretoria installers. Thanks guysread more
John Diedericks
John Diedericks
08:41 01 Apr 19
They gave me a solid carport structure. Now my vehicles are protected from all weather elements. They're affordable and... professional. Can definitely recommend more
Hanco Dunver
Hanco Dunver
08:39 01 Apr 19
These guys have gone beyond the norm. They are extremely professional, work in a clean way (no mess afterwards) and the... quality of their work is bar none. They definitely know their stuff. Thanks Carports Pretoria!read more
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We offer the best carports in the Pretoria and Midrand areas



Holistic shadeports solutions in the Pretoria and Midrand areas.


Carports Pretoria

One of the benefits of installing carports is that you can install it on almost any surface and you can use a wide variety of materials. Our expert contractors will guide you through the decision making process to ensure that you choose the right materials for your needs.

Carport installation is not necessarily for protecting your vehicles. You can also set it up as an undercover entertainment area to host your guests.

It’s the perfect product to protect your guests from a scorching sun or to stay dry when a strong Highveld storm pass through.

No other team achieves the level of quality or the lasting durability that our carports offer.

We also offer a wide variety of carport plans that you can choose from. Different styles will appeal to different people and we cater for that.

Steel Carport Types

Let us know what you like and that is what we will install for you. Here’s a list of different types of carports we install:

  • Residential Carports
  • Commercial Carports
  • Apartment Building Carports
  • Entrance Awnings
  • Entryway Canopies
  • Residential Shadeports
  • Commercial Shadeports
  • Bus Stops
  • Taxi Ranks
  • Secured Parking
  • Patio & Deck Shades
  • Custom Designs

Contact us today and we will offer you a wide variety of parking shade and protection.

Also check out plumbers pretoria or plumbers pretoria east if you need plumbing assistance.

Centurion Carport Shades

There are different types of carport shades that you can make use of.

The most durable shade is of course a carport with a steel structure. It will handle any kind of weather and you can rest assured that it will last a lifetime.

It may need a touch of paint here and there after 10 + years but you can rest assured that the money you spend initially will come back to you many times over in the years that follow.

People who can’t afford a steel structured carport will most probably have to go for a netted carport.

The nets are fixed over the roof frame of the carport. These nets are of high quality and will also last a long time.

It won’t however last as long as a carport with a steel roof but it is definitely more cost effective and still durable.

Factors to consider

Depending on the weather the net has to weather, it can last anything from 3 to 5 years plus.

Something a lot of people forget about is shade sails. These sails are usually fixed to certain anchor points on walls to stretch out the fabric.

In many cases, only 3 points are necessary to create a strong, sturdy and stretched out sail that will offer perfect covering for vehicles and even guests.

These shade sails are ideal to setup next to your house where you can host your guests. It offers great protection from the sun.

It’s not fully wet proof so when it rains, some drops may drip through.

Nevertheless a great alternative for those on a shoe string budget.

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Professional Carport Installation

Steel Carports Pretoria East

As mentioned previously, if you want strong and sturdy protection from weather elements, then a steel carport is the way to go.

We have installed many steel carports in the Pretoria East area. We have references available on request.

The reason why steel carports are preferable is due to its ability to withstand our Highveld hail, gale force winds when a storm comes through and our scorching sun in summer times.

The problem with netted protection is that it will wither away after a while. Although netted protection is also strong, it does not have the ability to withstand these elements like steel.

Big enough hail storms and tear a net and high speed winds can pull a net off the steel structure. But there’s no way that can happen with a steel or aluminum roof.

Carport Steel Structures

We have a variety of steel structures that we can recommend our clients. Contact us today if you consider:

  • Trough Roofs Carports
  • Flat Roof Carports
  • Barrel Vault Roofs
  • Semi-Arched Roofs
  • Residential Steel Carports
  • Commercial Carports
  • And more steel carport solutions.

Commercial Carport Designs

Although carports and canopies are handy to have around your house, there are plenty of commercial and industrial buildings that can benefit from them as well.

Whether it’s a public space or in your parking lot, a custom design adds value to the customer experience. You may think this is silly but even staff members can be retained for longer when you offer them protected parking.

Think about it. If a staff member have to choose between the same job where 1 offers him no parking and the other 1 offers him a space where his car can be protected from the sun, hail, rain and other risks – which one do you think is he going to go for?

Commercial carports also add value to your property. It is a simple way to increase property value and the value added to commercial property far outweigh the costs to install these carports.

We have a variety of commercial carport designs that’s practical and cost effective. We can fully customize our carports in order to make sure that it fits in with your buildings’ look and feel.

Various structures

Our professional and qualified installation team is ready to help you today. Contact us if you consider any of the following:

  • Public Bus Stop Shelters
  • Employee Shuttle Shelters
  • Taxi Ranks
  • Commercial Vehicle Stalls
  • Vendor Stalls
  • Outdoor Storage Areas
  • Designated Outdoor Break Areas
  • Parking Lot Shades
  • Car Wash Stalls
  • Outdoor Shaded Walkways
  • Exterior Restaurant Seating
  • And more commercial custom designs.

No matter what type of business that you operate or what your outdoor shade needs might be, you can still rely on us to deliver.

Contact us today to discuss your project and see what you can save on your commercial carports.

Professional Carport Installation

Why Choose Us?

Hire Us

We know there are many companies out there claiming to the best.

We won’t be so arrogant as to say that we are the best of the best of the best.

But heck, we do a darn good job.

We have many referrals who are extremely happy with the services that we provided them with.

We do not cut corners and we are very reasonably priced.

You should look at a carport installation as an investment. It adds value to your home.

It’s a sales point to raise when negotiating for the price of your home (if you want to sell).

It’s an entertainment area. And of course, it provides protection for your vehicles.

We offer our services in the whole of Pretoria, Centurion and Pretoria east areas.

You won’t find better carports prices or better carport shades than carports Pretoria.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Professional Carport Installation