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Awnings have been around for centuries, believe it or not.

It’s been used in ancient times to cover fresh produce stalls when people gathered at market places in their cities or towns.

The shade of the awnings ensured that fruits and vegetables kept their texture longer.

In other words the sun could not wither it down as when this produce were exposed directly to the sun.

Obviously it kept the market participants cool as well.

So what is an awning?

It is a shade covering that is fixed to the outside of a building. It’s usually positioned above a window or door to keep direct sunlight out of those rooms.

So it allows for a cooler room in summer times.

Extended awnings are also very popular at restaurants and hotels.

When people are standing under these awnings outside these buildings, they are protected from weather elements like sun, hail, rain or snow.

It definitely adds value to the user experience by offering them protection right outside the restaurant or hotel.

Awnings Pretoria

Our awnings Pretoria based company specialize in a wide variety of products.

It is very aesthetic and durable, adding great value to your property.

But we can also offer quality products for clients who are on a shoe string budget.

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Nakita Mountjoy
Nakita Mountjoy
07:18 30 Jan 20
Terrible because you cannot get hold of whoever is supposed to answer the phones. I have been trying for the past two... weeks more
Larry Kulakas
Larry Kulakas
19:49 29 Aug 19
Great carport installers in Pretoria
Robin Gagiano
Robin Gagiano
19:23 29 Aug 19
Fantastic company to work with. They installed a solid carport for me that will last for decades. Definitely the go to... carports Pretoria installers. Thanks guysread more
John Diedericks
John Diedericks
08:41 01 Apr 19
They gave me a solid carport structure. Now my vehicles are protected from all weather elements. They're affordable and... professional. Can definitely recommend more
Hanco Dunver
Hanco Dunver
08:39 01 Apr 19
These guys have gone beyond the norm. They are extremely professional, work in a clean way (no mess afterwards) and the... quality of their work is bar none. They definitely know their stuff. Thanks Carports Pretoria!read more
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There is a variety of awning products that we offer. They include the following:

Retractable awnings

These are great options for when you want to fold the awning away.

Again, here you have alternative options in that with some awnings you can literally fold the roof up so that the sun can come through.

In other words you can decide whether today you want to sit under the roof or not.

You also have the option to install awnings with a fold arm.

In other words you can extend your living space outdoors by folding out the awning over your patio or outdoor living area.

A big advantage of a fold arm awning is that no construction is necessary.

It’s a few holes in the wall and up she goes.

Yet, it is still very stylish and will do a great job at protecting you from rain, hail and sun.

So when our customers want the option of having the power to decide whether they want shade covering for that day or not, we would recommend a retractable awning.

Professional Carport Installation

Fixed Awnings for Patios

This option is ideal for the person or business who wants a more permanent feature and who is not bothered with a retractable awning.

If you want a permanent fixture that will provide permanent cover then this option might be for you.

We can use sheets on the roof that allow sunlight to come through but will still block the harmful UV rays.

That’s a great alternative when you’re concerned that the undercover area will be too dark.

Lovely sunlight will come through your entertainment area, making this awning option a hot favourite.

Acrylic Awnings

These awnings are fixed above windows, doors, garages and other parts of outside buildings.

It is made of a high quality acrylic which makes it a see through protection.

It will still block the harmful rays of the sun but allows the natural sunlight to penetrate the acrylic.

Fixed acrylic awnings are really beautiful objects that adds value to your home.

It’s very cost effective and durable.

A great investment choice and addition to any home or commercial building.

Louvre awnings

This has become a very popular awning type in South African households. And with good reason.

It is durable and flexible.

Louvre awnings are fixed structures that gives the owner the option to open the roof to let the sun come through or to close the roof if the sun is too hot or it is rainy.

The difference between louvre awnings and retractable awnings is that with a retractable awning you will remove the roof.

With a louvre awning you will only open the roof, not remove it.

This is a great option to control the light that comes through and you will also control the flow of air.

It’s a very practical product and looks beautiful. We guarantee you that you will like it.

What are the benefits of awnings?

Awnings have a variety of benefits but some of the main ones are…

It gives the owner flexibility. If the owner opted for a retractable awning, then the owner can control the flow of light and air.

It is safer for children. Children won’t be exposed to direct sunlight when playing outside and they are under an awning. This gives parents and grandparents peace of mind.

It’s cooler. When awnings are up, the temperatures are lower than having to sit in direct sunlight. This is especially handy in summer times when we see scorching temperatures in the Pretoria and Centurion areas.

It provides protection from rain, hail and snow.

It also protects carpets and furniture. When furniture and carpets are exposed to direct sunlight, it will fade after a while. Awnings will help to protect these objects in your home or office.

We are specialist awnings Pretoria contractors.

Our quotes are fair and we will always provide you with top quality services.

We would love to come and assist you in choosing the right awning for your needs.

Call us today for a free quote.

PS – We also specialise in carports and shadeports. We’d love to help you if you want this installed.