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When you are looking for different shadeport options it is imperative that you know what your budget is.

For instance, a steel carport will cost more than a shade sails.

But the obvious benefit is that the steel carport will last much longer than the shade sail.

But we all know that times can be tough and we need to make wise financial decisions in this day and age.

A great alternative to steel carports are shade ports.

It is still very durable and aesthetically pleasing.

It will add value to your home or business and it’s very cost effective.

A shade port frame is constructed of high quality steel and it is properly cemented.

We can increase the height of the frame in order to accommodate larger vehicles.

For instance, if you have a motor home that you want to park under a shade port, you will need to increase the height of the frame.

It’s not hard.

Actually it’s very simple.

We just increase the length of the anchor poles.

Then strong shade netting covers the roof part of the frame in order to protect your vehicles.

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Carports Pretoria
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Nakita Mountjoy
Nakita Mountjoy
07:18 30 Jan 20
Terrible because you cannot get hold of whoever is supposed to answer the phones. I have been trying for the past two... weeks more
Larry Kulakas
Larry Kulakas
19:49 29 Aug 19
Great carport installers in Pretoria
Robin Gagiano
Robin Gagiano
19:23 29 Aug 19
Fantastic company to work with. They installed a solid carport for me that will last for decades. Definitely the go to... carports Pretoria installers. Thanks guysread more
John Diedericks
John Diedericks
08:41 01 Apr 19
They gave me a solid carport structure. Now my vehicles are protected from all weather elements. They're affordable and... professional. Can definitely recommend more
Hanco Dunver
Hanco Dunver
08:39 01 Apr 19
These guys have gone beyond the norm. They are extremely professional, work in a clean way (no mess afterwards) and the... quality of their work is bar none. They definitely know their stuff. Thanks Carports Pretoria!read more
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Shadeports Pretoria

There are different types of shade protection that you can consider.

Our shadeports Pretoria based business offers the following:

Fixed shade port

These shadeports have frame support on all 4 corners. It is very sturdy and strong and will withstand gale force winds.

These types of vehicle shades are usually installed in areas where the carport is not close to a building.

So the wall of a building can’t be utilised to fix one end of the frame to. Essentially it’s a standalone carport.

Semi Cantilever Protection

These shadeports are very popular with good reason.

You will still get the suspended shadeport qualities but it will be more stable than a traditional Cantilever product.

Semi Cantilever products are usually a good option when you need to allocate parking to 3 or more vehicles.

This carport option can be installed at residential homes as well as at commercial centres.

Cantilever Protection

This shadeport is supported from one side of the frame structure.

Although not as strong as a semi cantilever or a fixed shadeport, this option is still a good choice.

One of the major advantages of this structure is that there’s no anchor pole behind cars that they can bump into.

Professional Carport Installation

Shade Netting

Netted shade ports are usually more cost effective than their steel counterparts due to the materials used.

The major contributor to the cost saving is of course the netting that is used to cover the roof area.

Although not as durable as a steel roof for carports, this netting is nothing to laugh at.

It’s one of the most durable nets on the market today and extremely tough.

It is manufactured with specialised UV treatment options and made of one hundred percent Polyethylene thread.

You can also choose what type of shade percentage you prefer for your carport. This can range from 20% to 90%.

So you can control how much light can penetrate these nets.

Shade Netting Pretoria

We offer a wide variety of shade netting density and colours.

No other company in Pretoria, Centurion, Pretoria East or Midrand will be able to beat our variety of colours and quality.

Shade sails

Shade sails are also an option for shade protection. These sails are usually fixed to a wall on 3 or 4 points.

It is a wonderful option if you want some shade over a stoep or entertainment area.

Note that it won’t keep the rain out completely but it will definitely cool down your kuier area when the guests come over to visit.

Shadeports are a very solid alternative to conventional carports. It’s cost effective and yet very stable. It will last for years to come.

We have lots of shadeports Pretoria experience.

We will do a great job for you and we look forward delivering outstanding results to you.

PS – If you are interested in awnings, check out this page.